WeConnect offers an easy to use, truly mobile, secure business communications system that you can manage from anywhere, any time. We believe you’ll find benefits of our VOIP business phone systems will improve your team’s unity, effectiveness, and overall productivity. Please continue below for the tangible benefits of our system. To read about specific features of the system, please see our Features Page for a highlights listing of system features.

It’s in the Cloud

Always Available and Up To Date!

‘The Brain’ of this system lives ‘in the cloud,’ which means that it doesn’t ever need to be installed on your own office computer or server, but that it’s living on our servers which are connected to the internet and therefore accessible from everywhere. It’s in our reach all the time where we keep it up to date with new features and any necessary software patches without ever requiring access to your offices or causing additional support costs to you.

Being in the cloud also means that it is always available to you no matter where you’re doing business today, or if some form of disaster cuts your office or other location communications off from the world – internet outages, electricity interruptions at your location(s) won’t effect the system at large. Calls keep coming in and reaching your voicemail boxes, and unaffected locations keep communicating as usual; affected personnel can access the portal through their cell phone and redirect calls to their cell phone and maintain access to all of their speed dials, extensions, and contacts.

Complete Business Mobility

Function Fully, Wherever You’re Doing Business Today!

Call out: Increase Productivity: Transform how you do business by giving yourself and your employees the freedom to work from anywhere!

No matter where you’re doing business today, you can bring full ‘at my desk’ functionality with you. Move from office to office, desk to desk, or while meeting onsite with a customer or sitting on the beach!

  • Calls, faxes, and e-mails from/on every device
  • Face-to-face meetings and project collaborations in real time via video conference
  • Route your business calls to ring at your office AND cell phone simultaneously
  • Turn your mobile phone into your business phone WITHOUT sharing your personal phone number
  • Access your business contacts and user data from any one of your devices, anywhere
  • Fax from your smartphone
  • Read OR listen to your voicemails from your e-mail inbox

Easy System Management: VOIP Business Phone Systems

Manage System Features Yourself From All of Your Devices, Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want!

Plans change. Meetings go long. Emergencies arise. Now you or your employees won’t need to make that unexpected last-minute trip to the office to reroute your calls, or change your greeting messages: do it yourself from wherever you are, whenever you need to. You can help ensure business continuity and avoid costly downtime during disasters when your business takes place wherever you need it to.

  • Manage all of the critical communication features of your system
  • Make real-time changes to all aspects of your communications
  • Change your greeting whenever, wherever you are
  • Reroute your calls in real-time whenever, wherever
  • An easy to use and intuitive interface makes it all possible

Employees Get Started Fast and Back to Business Sooner!

Some office phone systems become more and more complicated the more features that are included or added. If features are difficult to access, difficult to learn or configure, your employees probably won’t take full advantage of them thereby reducing your ROI on that phone system. Or learning curves will cause a hit to your productivity, and bottom line, for the time it takes your employees to come up to speed on system operations.

Our business communication system is developed from the ground up to be user-centric, not device-centric. This means we made it easy for your employees to access, learn and use all system features through the use of a simple, easy to use, and intuitive system configuration portal. They access and configure their own features and services settings themselves and that saves you IT and help desk costs and dependency in your communications investments.

Unites Your Team: VOIP Business Phone Systems

Unify All Sites, Locations, and Telecommuting Offices to Increase Productivity!

Our system provides secure communications between all of your connected locations and sites, allowing you and your employees to conduct business and collaborate from just about anywhere there is internet access. This means ONE seamless system for your entire organization without the extra expense of dedicated wiring installation and additional IT support.

Imagine seamless collaboration and communications throughout your organization while reducing IT complexity. You and your employees can now move between offices, share workspaces, using any phone as if it were the one at your own desk with all of your personal configurations and information intact.

And it’s all managed easily from one portal – by you, by your delegated admins, or by each individual employee themselves.

Never Buy Another Phone System Again

Finally, a Phone System That Stays State of the Art!

Since our business communications system is hosted in the cloud, your system is always automatically upgraded with the latest features, technology, and security updates at zero additional cost to you – you’ll never need to worry about scheduling these updates in house, and paying for IT support to do so. Forget about ‘end of life’ issues and expenses, our system is always up to date. You may never need to buy another phone system again!

Our VOIP phone system also grows with your business, allowing you to easily add employee users, locations, and user groups. Your business can’t outgrow the expansion capability the system provides.

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