The WeConnect business communications platform can give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re calls and communications are always available, no matter what’s happening at your physical location, not to mention the added security of it being a cloud-based, proprietary-coded system that encrypts your information.

Peace of Mind

Customers Can Reach You Even if Your Physical Office is Closed or Disconnected

Have the peace of mind that you’ll never miss a call. Whether it’s that all lines are busy, or you can’t get into the office, or something bigger like your circuit is down, or the entire neighborhood has a power outage, our cloud-based system will keep you connected, ensuring you never miss a call. With only a few clicks within the web-based management portal, you can adjust coverage and call forwarding options quickly and easily.

Always Available in the Cloud

Avoid Disasters and Ensure Business Continuity in the Cloud

‘The Brain’ of this system lives 100% ‘in the cloud,’ which means that it doesn’t ever need to be installed on your own office computer or server, but that it’s living on our servers which are connected to the internet and therefore accessible from everywhere. It’s in our reach all the time where we keep it up to date with new features and any necessary software patches without ever requiring access to your offices or causing additional support costs to you.

Being in the cloud also means that your communications are always available to you no matter where you’re doing business today, or if some form of disaster cuts your office or other location communications off from the world – internet outages, electricity interruptions at your location(s) won’t effect the system at large. No matter what’s happening at your physical office locations, calls keep coming in and are handled through your preset call coverage profiles, and unaffected locations keep communicating as usual; affected personnel can access the portal through their cell phone and redirect calls to their cell phone and maintain access to all of their speed dials, extensions, and contacts.

Proprietary. Encrypted. Secure.

Built Securely with Proprietary Code

Unlike other similar products, the systems is built upon proprietary code, and not SIP or open-source code, to ensure secure encryption of mission-critical communications. Systems built on open-source code might have known vulnerabilities that the bad guys are aware of and will continually try to break. Our system also leaves no data or information stored on your devices where it might become vulnerable to theft.

  • Calls, chats, messages, and meetings are encrypted
  • Handset-forward encryption of VOIP calls
  • Voicemail message and recordings remain encrypted while on the server
  • You can designate which of your users have permission to forward messages allowing you to further secure your information

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